The 2018 SaaS User Adoption & Onboarding Benchmarking Report

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    We surveyed over 450 SaaS leaders to understand how top companies are taking on user adoption and onboarding.


    With most SaaS companies running on a subscription model, proper onboarding and strong user adoption initiatives are key to long-term success. Showing value early on is critical and can be the difference between advocacy and churn.


    That’s why we set out to create this benchmarking report and truly understand what companies are doing today to address these challenges. Specifically, we looked to dig into:

    • How well are companies addressing user adoption today?
    • How are companies measuring success & maintaining momentum?
    • How are companies executing on these initiatives?
    • What are companies doing to involve key stakeholders?

    Download the full report to get the answers to these questions, see all the findings and get our best tips to drive better user adoption.

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