Getting your users to successfully adopt your product is a foundational element to both their success and yours. It leads to improved retention, increased revenue, and more advocates. But it’s not an easy road, and unfortunately many companies skip this step in their customer success planning and often pay the price later for doing so.

Join UserIQ for a fireside chat on Wednesday, April 18th at 1pm EDT with Rachel Orston, CEO of UserIQ and Jason Whitehead, CEO of Tri Tuns, where they’ll discuss why user adoption is critical to success, what it takes to launch a meaningful adoption strategy, and how teams across the organization must come together to execute.

In this webinar, we’ll cover these topics below, but it will also be open for you to ask your own questions that you’re probably finding you can’t get real answers to anywhere else.

  • The business value of driving stronger user adoption
  • How to take a top-down approach to aligning your company around the customer
  • In-app and outside-the-app adoption programs


Webinar panelists: