Raw data is cheap. 

It’s easy to collect. 

AND it’s essential... especially for Customer Success teams!  

But if your team isn’t using it correctly, and if you don’t have a way to contextualize it, data will hold you back. 

Customer Success leaders (and their teams) are burning themselves out spending countless hours every week trying to get clear insight into their users.

On September 29 at 2 pm EDT, you can sit down with Kelly Berg, Vice President of Customer Success from Ambition, Ryan Henley, Chief Customer Officer from Bandwidth, and Rebecca Nerad, Vice President of Customer Success from E2open to learn how they’ve taken massive amounts of data and simplified that into simple insights without an expensive and overly complicated system. 

We will discuss:

  • How data can lead to productive and meaningful customer meetings

  • Getting executive buy-in on a CS data tool

  • How good, but simple data can turn your team into heroes