Finding out when and how to scale your customer success team can often happen after the need has already arisen and leaves many leaders in a panic trying to figure it all out. But what if you could better plan ahead and scale your team when the time is right?

Join UserIQ on Tuesday, June 18 at 2PM ET for a webinar where we’ll hear from customer success leaders in the field about the challenges they’ve faced in scaling their CS organization, how they’ve overcome them, and how you can be proactive against potential pitfalls. 

In this webinar, we'll cover:

  • How to know you're ready to start scaling your CS org and the signs to look for
  • What you can do to be proactive about scaling
  • Best practices for how to segment your organization and customer base as you grow


  • Laura Kightlinger

    Director, Customer Success - EMEA at Seismic Software

  • Erika Putinsky

    VP of Customer Success at WhatCounts

  • Kim Rose

    VP, Customer Success and Support at Buildium