Getting customers to move successfully from adoption to advocacy is a really hard road. The reality is that it oftentimes feels like there’s more effort devoted to putting out fires and dealing with unhappy customers than there are proactive moments spent working with customers who want to grow their accounts and sing your praises.


Join us on June 20 as we turn to our panel of industry experts who will share all – the good, the bad and the ugly – of leading a customer success team and how they’ve managed the uphill battle. You’ll learn valuable lessons to help you succeed throughout the customer journey. We’ll explore questions such as the ones below, but the webinar will also be open for you to ask your own questions that you’re probably finding you can’t get real answers to anywhere else.

  • What if your top customer advocate/power user leaves and your new point of contact has been using your competitor for that last five years?
  • What if you send out your first NPS survey and you have all these detractors you never knew you had?
  • What if you get cutoff in the middle of your onboarding call because the customer realizes this product isn’t what they thought it was?