The Age of the Customer has mandated a focus on the post-sales funnel which means that customer success, product, sales and marketing teams must align to share data, proactively plan, and take mutual accountability for customer issues and customer wins. 

Join us on Tuesday, September 19 at 2pm EDT as we turn to our panel of industry experts who have paved the road to success in the buyer’s journey through sales and marketing alignment and are now doing the same to facilitate organizational harmony throughout the customer journey. We’ll explore questions such as the ones below, but the webinar will also be open for you to ask your own questions that you’re probably finding you can’t get real answers to anywhere else.

  • What are best practices to get customer success and product management to become more proactive?

  • How do we know who our best customers are and how do we keep them and find more of them?

  • What can you do if the C-Suite doesn’t support alignment and wants to have each of these teams using separate solutions and reporting on disparate data?

  • What can sales and marketing teach customer success and product about alignment?

Webinar panelists: