Running a successful B2B business is a balancing act. From product innovation to customer success to revenue growth, B2B companies are looking to deliver the right combination of product features and engagement in order to minimize customer churn as they grow.

Because customer churn is often detected long after the customer has disengaged, B2B businesses are struggling not only with understanding how to prevent customer churn, but also identifying ways to be more proactive. The critical question in the B2B space is how do you retain customers and create new opportunities for growth?

High-Tech vs. High-Touch: Automating Customer Success ProcessesIn this whitepaper, you'll learn best practices for accomplishing this by implementing high-tech customer success processes alongside high-touch strategies using intelligent automation.

Find out:

  • Why your customers are churning and how to prevent it

  • Why SaaS companies struggle to scale their customer success efforts and what to do about it

  • The importance of a developing automated customer success processes while still providing a personalized high-touch approach to drive value