Giving your customers the same experience they had when they were a lead is an important step in connecting the buyer to customer journey. Just like in the sales/marketing cycle (made possible by marketing automation platforms), it’s now possible to know each action your customers are taking and help them reach the next logical milestone. That means you have the ability to accelerate the time it takes to show them the value they came for.

Join UserIQ on Wednesday, January 16th at 2pm ET as our panelists explain why nurturing customers from lead to advocate is a crucial piece to your growth and how you can use a lead-nurture mindset to think about nurturing your customers.

We’ll discuss:

  • How to measure the customer lifecycle similarly to sales/marketing cycle

  • Why nurturing customers is just as critical as nurturing prospects

  • What sales and marketing can teach us about driving time-to-value for our customers

  • Brett Andersen

    Director, Client Success, Degreed

  • Ashley Michael

    Director of Revenue Operations, UserIQ

  • Emily Traxler

    VP, Customer Success, SingleOps