Users’ expectations are ever-changing as customer-centric companies and technologies continue to raise the bar. This can make customer success feel like a moving target. Companies that want to get and stay ahead of the curve must focus on providing a “human” experience that sets their users up for success from day one.

Join UserIQ on November 15th at 2:00pm for a webinar as we chat with leaders in the field about the trends they’ve seen over the last two years and how they anticipate these trends will shape the growth of the industry, what new roles and functions we can expect to see, and more.

In this webinar, we’ll:

  • Get insights on what has changed in customer success, what’s stayed the same, and how the industry will continue to evolve

  • Find out where to focus resources and investments for customer success in 2019

  • Share tips and tricks for how you can stand out to win the hearts and minds of your users