When making a decision on where to spend their money, customers are increasingly likely to take the advice of their peers into account. For most companies, that means there is power in the ability to create successful customers and to get these customers talking.

Advocacy, the final step of the customer journey, is a critical piece of any customer success plan and a key method for refilling the top of your hourglass with new, less expensive, and more qualified leads. We've put together this handy playbook to help you make the most out of this stage.

This playbook will give you tips and best practices for:

  • Understanding Net Promoter Scoring (NPS) and how to identify your promoters, as well as other forms of advocacy that help build your pipeline

  • Plotting key engagement points along your customer journey map that will help your customer success team create advocates

  • Evaluating your customer growth plan so you can understand breakdowns in this stage, as well as in the three others: Adoption, Retention, and Expansion.