The Age of the Customer demands that companies focus on the post-sale customer experience and the two groups responsible for making this work seamlessly are customer success and product management. In this inaugural benchmarking report based on the responses of nearly 300 customer success and product management leaders, we examine the SaaS industry’s assumptions and perceptions of alignment between these two teams and the measurable behaviors they need to implement to support and improve alignment. 

Download the report and get the full results of our survey, conducted jointly with SuccessHacker and ProductCamp, to learn how customer success and product management teams can:

  • Make alignment an organizational imperative
  • Implement actionable steps to improve their post-sale alignment going forward
  • Learn best practices from the departments (sales and marketing) that have walked the road to alignment before them
  • Produce a true blueprint of customer success and product alignment to implement immediately

For the latest data on this topic, get the 2019 Customer Success + Product Management Alignment Benchmarking Report