Benchmarking 2019 Customer Success and Product Management Alignment

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    Taking Customer Success + Product Management alignment to the next level

    As B2B companies work to become centered on customer success, they are facing new challenges. Customers have come to expect intrinsic value and success from the products they purchase, and, to grow, companies must deliver time and time again. One of the greatest opportunities for companies today is a stronger alignment between their customer success and product management teams.

    In the inaugural report of 2017, we found that there were major gaps between the perceptions and realities of alignment between these two teams. Now, two years later, we look to learn what’s changed.

    The 2019 Customer Success + Product Management Alignment Benchmarking Report examines responses from more than 400 customer success and product leaders to:

    • Identify the impact of alignment on customer churn
    • Understand the role of leadership in investing in alignment
    • Highlight the importance of frequent, high-quality communication processes
    • Share the top four characteristics of well-aligned teams and tips how to achieve this alignment

    Download the report and get the full results of our survey, conducted jointly with SuccessHacker and ProductCamp.

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