The Customer Success Manager's Playbook

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    Top Eight Plays to Become a CS All-Star

    Knowing what to do – and when to do it – is one of the toughest jobs for a customer success manager. But with the right playbook, you'll help your customers (and your team) reach the end zone. 

    So, we asked our own customer success team for their most impactful plays. In the Customer Success Manager's Playbook from UserIQ, you'll find our top plays for:

    • Feature adoption
    • Onboarding
    • High/low NPS scores
    • Renewal
    • Clients that go dark
    • Churn notices
    • Severe risk accounts

    If you're using the UserIQ platform, you can automate triggers for these plays, monitor performance and make changes based on what's working. See how here.


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