The Complete Guide To Customer Growth

    Driving Value Throughout the Customer Journey

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    Current customer success tools aren’t optimized for crossing the chasm from a company with churn to one that has achieved net negative churn. That’s why Customer Growth, an expansion of these tools and ideas, has come along. Customer growth differs from customer success in that it’s not just about onboarding and renewals, but about facilitating the optimization of success throughout the entire customer journey, including expansion and advocacy.

    Without understanding the value of the customer journey and recognizing the growth opportunities that exist within it, companies can find it hard to reduce churn. The Complete Guide to Customer Growth explains customer growth and details how to create a solid strategy to achieve it in your organization.


    This eBook will:

    • Define customer growth and accompanying strategies for companies that want to make the leap into net negative churn
    • Offer playbooks with tactical steps for success at each stage of the customer journey
    • Explain the impact of customer success on adoption, retention, expansion and advocacy
    • Provide a blueprint for implementing customer growth into your organization

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