The journey doesn’t end at the sale. 

That’s why your marketing shouldn’t, either. 

With a customer marketing program, your CS team can finally have a dedicated arsenal on tap to improve adoption, cut churn and build customer champions.


  • How do you make the business case?

  • How do you get a program started?

  • What should a customer marketing program actually do?

Join us July 29 at 2 EST to see how three CS and marketing trailblazers did just that!


  • Kyle Lacy

    Author of "Twitter Marketing for Dummies", "Social CRM for Dummies" and "Branding Yourself" and CMO of Lessonly

  • Adam Waid

    AiMA's Atlanta Marketer of the Year, public speaker and VP of Global Customer Success for SalesLoft


  • Chad Greenleaf

    A Senior SaaS advisor and VP of Customer Success for Domo