Successful adoption is the most critical milestone in your customer's journey. It’s the first interaction with your product and the first time for your customer success team to deliver value so those customers will stay longer, spend more, and tell their friends. That’s why getting your onboarding right is a must.

Onboarding is when your customer success team will start digging into understanding what new customers hope to gain from using your product. Knowing what they hope to achieve will help you develop customer-centric milestones not only with “quick wins” in the onboarding phase but throughout their customer journey.

Join us Wednesday, April 26 as our panel of experts share their best kept onboarding secrets. This webinar will: 

  • Discuss how to transition customers from sales/marketing to customer success
  • Examine best practices for onboarding new customers and trial users effectively at scale
  • Identify the types of quick wins that improve time-to-value
  • Provide use cases for key points of engagement during the adoption stage

Webinar panelists: